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Vintage Computing Pages

Since you're here, you are probably looking for vintage computers. I've been a computer hobbyist since the early Eighties and over the years, I've gathered a nice collection of machines that played a role in shaping the microcomputer revolution. This site is dedicated to those machines.

Over the last few years, I also got into homebrewing: designing and building your own microcomputers. Whatever it is, I hope you find on this site what you came to look for!

Homebrew Computer Kits

The PiDP-11 kit

A faithful replica of the 1975 PDP-11/70


The PDP-11 was a hugely significant computer. Its architecture influenced pretty much every CPU and computer designed afterwards. It was also the first machine for which you could buy Unix...

The PiDP-8 kit

A faithful replica of the 1968 PDP-8/I


The 8/I is the favourite computer I never had... And by now, real ones are impossible to obtain. And to maintain. So the PiDP-8/I has become my 2015 replica project.

The KIM Uno kit

A homebrew clone of the vintage KIM-1


The KIM Uno is a calculator-sized board based on an Arduino Pro Mini. It emulates the KIM-1, with a lot of vintage programs ready to run in ROM. It's also extended with a calculator mode, that turns the venerable KIM into a 6502 programmable calculator.

Perhaps you are not looking for computers at all... If you are the proud owner of a Hurley sailing boat you may be looking for its documentation archive - that site, by now more than 17 years old, is below along with various other curiosa I picked up along the way...

Sailing the Hurley 22

Suzuki SA-310 Memorial Page




Gigatron - the computer without a microprocessor!

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