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a computer w/o a microprocessor


CP/M and Related Projects

An Introduction to CP/M

CP/M was the first operating system for microcomputers in general use. Before MS-DOS gained dominance in the 16-bit microprocessor world, Digital Research's CP/M ruled the market for 8-bit machines.

A very quick introduction to the history of CP/M, followed by short how-to guides to use CP/M on an emulator and learn the basics of its command line and main applications.

CP/M Internals

The reason people are still drawn to CP/M is because it is so easy to fully understand the system, up from the tiniest detail. Yet, CP/M is the direct predecessor of MS-DOS (which was modeled very closely after CP/M) and has full functionality for normal use. If you know CP/M, you understand the low-level basics of any PC, and it gives you a level of understanding of the hardware that you'd never gain with, for instance, Linux.

In short, understanding CP/M is relatively easy, and it gives you an insight in today's computers that is hard to obtain in any other way.

Homebrewing Tools

Part of the fun with Homebrewing and fixing old computer stuff is that you can play with tools. Tools Are Nice. Every man needs them. Here are the favourites I picked up along the way.​ There's no particular point to this page - but that's true for the wholy hobby so why start apologising for that now?

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