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Recommended: Gigatron

a computer w/o a microprocessor




Buy one...


For either a kit or an assembled & tested machine, just click on the button below to go to the order form.


I will then email you a paypal invoice or credit card link, depending on your preference.

Shipping is fast, out of inventory from a fulfillment center in Florida.

  • Complete kit: $180

  • Shipping: $45 worldwide, with tracking

  • Assembled&Tested: adds $125 to the cost

Until 2023, I used to make the kits from my home, but with the introduction of the upcoming PiDP-1 and PiDP-10, we're now a team of four and CEDS is the name we chose for our kit-making antics. So my new adress, in case you don't want to order but just have a question: .

Keep in mind:

  • you need to provide your own Raspberry Pi plus a microSD card. The $15 Pi Zero 2 W is recommended. A faster Pi 3/4 is only useful if you want it to also use it as a regular Pi concurrently, and old Pi 2 is perfect. The Pi 5 will be supported from an update in April 2024, I'm working on an update.

  • For Assembled & Tested PiDP-8s, you also need to supply your own Pi.

  • you normally operate the PiDP using your laptop as a terminal, or hook it up to a proper serial terminal of course. But you can also use a monitor and keyboard on the Pi.

... or build your own


Send the gerber zip file from the download section to a PCB manufacturer, you should check with me for any new updates though. I can recommend JLCPCB as 'known-good'. Furthermore, you need to obtain the parts as listed in the 'Building the Kit' section. Note:

  • use special extra tall Raspberry Pi connectors if you want to mount a Model 2/3/4.
    A 'normal' header is fine for the Zero.

  • 26 switches. The PCB footprint in Kicad accomodates most types of small switch.

Making the acrylic panel yourself is problematic. You need a provider who prints them at exact 1:1 scale and with exact location. I tried with cheap 'holiday prints on acrylic' type of manufacturers but they rescale and snap off edges. Also, make sure that you order 4 color print with transparent windows (35% shaded ideally). You'll then need to cut out a slot to fit the switches with a router or saw. 

A very effective 'budget option': print out the front panel on paper. Laminate it, cut out the switch holes. Sounds ugly, but looks quite good. The LEDs will shine through the paper.

Get or Build a PiDP-8/I


As of March 2024, over 4000 PiDP-8s have been made! You can produce your own at any time from the design files here. However, there are unusually large economies of scale in this project. The cost of the acrylic front panel, for instance, falls dramatically if you buy in quantities. Therefore I also produce the PiDP as a kit and as an assembled & tested machine.

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