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Some 5000 PiDP-11s have gone out as of September 2023.

See the PiDP-11 forum for updates. And please join if you're interested.

I finally dealt with the problem of backlogs and waiting lists. Now, if you want a kit, just click on the button to the right to go to the order form. I will email you either a paypal invoice or a credit card link, depending on your preference. Shipping is now fast, out of inventory from a fulfillment center in Florida, via Fedex inside the US and via DHL Express everywhere else. Modern stuff, no more waiting lists!

Price is $270 plus shipping. 

If you don't want to order but just have a question,

email me at oscar <at> .

Try before you buy: the software works fine on a Pi without the PiDP-11 hardware. Although you are Blinkenless and will have to boot the operating systems manually rather than through the front panel. A user manual is available for download here (link). You can open it in MS Word; as it is added to constantly there is no PDF copy yet.

Lastly, I've found some good people to build the kit for you at reasonable cost, if you're not able to build it yourself. Email me if you prefer an assembled & tested PiDP-11, but alas there is a bit of a backlog currently. I do check each assembled machine myself before they go out.



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