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Almost 4000 PiDP-11s have gone out as of June 2022. See the PiDP-11 forum for updates.

If you want, submit your email address via the box to the right and I will keep you up to date. 

Leaving your contact details is not a commitment to buy the kit. I make a batch of kits every month; I will email you back within a few weeks, as soon as I have kits ready to send out. You can decide then whether you really want one. But please do reply to that email so I know spam filters have not blocked communication.

Price is $270 plus shipping. I apologise, because that is some $90 more than the PiDP-8. But if you knew the cost of making the injection molds, you would understand... This is still very much a hobby project.

Try before you buy: the software works fine on a Pi without the PiDP-11 hardware. Although you are Blinkenless and will have to boot the operating systems manually rather than through the front panel. A user manual is available for download here (link). You can open it in MS Word; as it is added to constantly there is no PDF copy yet.

There are some volunteers to build the kit for you at reasonable cost, if you're not able to build it yourself. Leave me a message (top right in the menu) if you prefer that option. Although it is not handled by me, by now I can confidently recommend these volunteers!

Leave your email address if you'd like to be informed of kit availability:



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